SummerSlam 2014 results: Nikki Bella turns on her sister in Stephanie McMahon's win

Kevin McCauley
SB Nation

Nikki Bella has turned on her sister, knocking out Bria Bella to help Stephanie McMahon win, and apparently nothing is sacred anymore.

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Steph has been the best performer in the company for a while, so it's about time she got a real feud. This was her first match in a decade, and they picked a good feud to use it on. Brie and Steph have gotten each other arrested, smacked the crap out of each other and just generally put on a great show over the last few months.

That is, until last week, when they threw in a terrible angle where Steph revealed that the personal trainer of Daniel Bryan -- Brie Bella's real-life and kayfabe husband -- had slept with Bryan. It was really bad, which is a shame, because this was an excellent feud up until that point.

McMahon almost won via count-out when she clocked Brie on an attempted stage dive, but she was able to crawl back into the ring after nine seconds. She continued to get dominated for the next few minutes while Steph yelled "Who's my bitch," because she's the best.

Because no match involving The Authority was ever going to end cleanly, McMahon's husband Triple H came down to the ring to interfere and pulled the referee out of the ring. It looked like Nikki Bella was there to save the day ... but no! Nikki knocked out her sister, Brie ate a Pedigree and the ref, who didn't see Nikki's interference, counted the pin.

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