Stunt Goes Wrong, Causes 'Big Damage' to Car on 'Top Gear'

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Chris Harris said he could slide a Alfa Romeo Giulia anywhere on a previous episode of Top Gear, and this week Rory Reid dared him to prove it. Technically, Chris was right, he could the car anywhere — he never said he wouldn’t damage the car while doing it.

Rory challenged Chris to slide the Giulia through a Giulia-shaped hole in a giant gray wall. Chris, of course, took the challenge, even though “everything in my brain is saying, ‘Don’t drive at the big gray wall.'” Chris did drive at the big gray wall, though, and unfortunately, he also drove into it. The car clipped a corner, smashing the passenger side of the windshield.

Chris didn’t let a broken windshield stop him from accomplishing the challenge, though. It took at least three more attempts before Chris finally drifted the car successfully through the hole, which ended up being even more impressive because the sun had gone down and the wall was being lit up by other cars’ headlights.

Top Gear airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on BBC America. 

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