All Students Count #equalmath is the Mission Statement of New GraphLock Calculator App

The Affordable Graphing Calculator App Can Be Used on Smartphones, Tablets and Computers

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2016 / Mallory Dyer, a math professor at Central Arizona College and co-founder and CEO of GraphLock, is pleased to announce the launch of her innovative new GraphLock app. The mission statement of the new app is "All Students Count #equalmath," which sums up Dyer's devotion to getting students the tools they need to be successful in math.

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As Dyer knows quite well, education expenses are high. With the costs of tuition, books, rent, groceries, and other personal expenses, students don't always have the funds needed to buy even more expensive supplies.

GraphLock is aiming to change this by providing a low cost graphing calculator application with the aim that it can be used in the classroom and on exams. Classroom-acceptable graphing calculators can cost well over $100 and may very well be a reason why many lower-income students aren't able to take coursework that is crucial to their education.

"GraphLock is a scientific and graphing calculator application which can be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers," noted a spokesperson for the new app, adding that Dyer created GraphLock for with functionality and teachers in mind.

The phones with GraphLock can be put in lockdown mode by the teacher using a classroom monitoring system. They are also able to time when lockdown starts and stops, meaning as soon as class is over or the set timer goes off, students will have full access to their phones again. When the phones or other devices are in lockdown mode, there will be no interruptions from calls, texts, or notifications from any other applications.

"This application will help bridge financial gaps and give all students the equal opportunity to succeed in their math courses," the spokesperson said.

In order to help pay for the production and marketing costs associated with launching GraphLock, Dyer recently launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo. She hopes to raise $25,000 through crowdfunding.

"Contributing just $5 to the Indiegogo campaign will provide a free download to a student in need," the spokesperson noted.

About GraphLock:

GraphLock is a patent-pending scientific and graphing calculator app with lockdown mode capability and classroom monitoring. While in lockdown mode, students can only use the calculator app, making it secure and ideal for use in high school and college classrooms and on exams. For more information, please visit


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