Street Fighter V DLC character 'Taylor' allegedly leaked by voice actor

If a Street Fighter V voice actor is to be believed, Byron Taylor appears to be one of Season 2’s DLC characters.

Bill Rogers, the voice of Urien, posted what he likely assumed was a harmless #FollowFriday, or #FF, on Twitter, revealing the voice actors for a handful of Street Fighter V characters, including Akuma, Necalli, Ryu, Kolin, and Guile.

Byron Taylor, Guile's superior officer in Street Fighter V
Byron Taylor, Guile’s superior officer in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

However, he also included the name ‘Taylor,’ who is voiced by Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett in The Walking Dead and Dota 2’s Faceless Void, Wraith King, and Jakiro, among others) and his tweet includes ‘SF5 Season 2,’ as opposed to stating Taylor is strictly a Story Mode character.

Street Fighter V Urien voice actor Bill Rogers Twitter account
Street Fighter V Urien voice actor Bill Rogers Twitter account (Twitter)

Taylor is the last name of Guile’s superior officer, Byron Taylor. He is a new character to Street Fighter V, appearing on Guile’s stage and in the game’s Story Mode.

With Akuma, Kolin, and potentially Taylor revealed, that leaves three more characters yet to be confirmed for the Season 2 DLC.

In related Street Fighter V news, Capcom plans on rolling out a gameplay balance update in late April and is offering a free week trial on PC for players to try out Season 2 and improvements to the Capcom Fighters Network.

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