Steve Kerr shoots down the latest batch of Klay Thompson trade rumors

Kelly Dwyer
Klay Thompson hears the news. (Getty Images)
Klay Thompson hears the news. (Getty Images)

With three months between now and the NBA’s trade deadline to fill, the league is often starved for rumor-related content. As such, things can get a little out of hand to start the season, as was the case when a brush-off comment from Comcast’s Brian Scalabrine hit the internet with gusto on Monday morning:

For those that can’t listen, Scalabrine pointed out that he’d heard a “rumor going around” that Klay Thompson could be available, “specifically to a team that wears green” (Scalabrine is a former Boston Celtics champion, and currently works as the team’s television analyst alongside his contributions to The Vertical).

Scalabrine immediately qualified what he heard with a “that can’t be true,” but Klay being who he is (a champion and All-Star, and someone who 30 points on 5-8 long range shots in Golden State’s latest win on Sunday), the conversation had a little legs.

A little. Until Warriors coach Steve Kerr decided to tramp down a bit on Monday afternoon:

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Prior to Kerr’s comments, the reading materials Scalabrine used to inform his anecdote were understandably called out on the carpet:

Thompson, working alongside heavy-usage former MVPs in Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in Golden State, has struggled to start 2016-17. He missed 42 of his first 53 three-pointers to start the season before righting the ship and hitting 12-19 over his last three contests. Golden State is 8-2 to begin 2016-17, they have the top offense in the NBA, and Thompson is averaging 18.8 a night despite his disappointing start to the campaign.

The Boston Celtics’ forever-attempt at adding a star via a deal involving one of hits several owed draft picks will have to wait another few days, at least.

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