Steve Ballmer is the NBA's most excited owner

Jason Patt
SB Nation

New Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was introduced at a fan rally on Monday, and the enthusiastic Ballmer made quite the impression.

There was palpable joy in the air when the Los Angeles Clippers officially introduced new owner Steve Ballmer at a fan rally on Monday. The Donald Sterling nightmare is over, and now the Clippers usher in a new era with an owner that's just a wee-bit pumped to take control of the franchise.

Ballmer was known for his over-the-top enthusiasm while at Microsoft, and he brought plenty of that to the table during his introduction. Case in point (via Clips Nation):

Oh, should I mention what was playing while Ballmer made his grand entrance?:

Ballmer proceeded to give a rousing speech that gave Blake Griffin goosebumps. The charismatic owner ensured the people in attendance the Clippers weren't moving to Seattle, and he even invoked his inner Darren Rovell when discussing the possibility of a name change:

How do you feel about that, Clippers fans?

Ballmer stayed on a roll the entire time, talking about winning a bunch of "Larrys" and giving out his new email address because why the hell not?:

This is going to be fun. Actually, not just fun, but "hardcore." Right, Steve?

If Ballmer acts like this at an introduction rally, just imagine what he'll be like at a championship rally. For the sake of Clippers fans and fans of screaming owners alike, let's hope we can see this happen. For now, enjoy more photos of Mr. Ballmer, er, Steve, at his best.

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