Saint Louis U. bus driver arrested for DWI after leaving basketball team at arena

Saint Louis players wait for their team bus to return to an otherwise deserted arena. (Photo: @SaintLouisMBB on Twitter)
Saint Louis players wait for their team bus to return to an otherwise deserted arena. (Photo: @SaintLouisMBB on Twitter)

The Saint Louis Billikens were 700 miles away from home, and probably not in the greatest of moods after a 70-55 loss to St. Bonaventure Wednesday night in Olean, N.Y.

When they exited the visitors locker room, however, their night went from bad to worse. Their team bus, to their surprise and amazement, was gone. The driver apparently decided to simply take off without them while under the influence.

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Broadcasters who had traveled with the team were the first to report the missing bus:

According to New York State Police, the bus was located using the GPS on a device that was left on the bus. The bus was located in the town of Randolph, New York, some 35 miles away from where SLU and St. Bonaventure played.

The bus, driven by Linda Edmister, was pulled over on Main Street in Randolph. Edmister failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI with an alleged blood-alcohol content of 0.22, nearly three times the legal limit.

College basketball road trips can be adventures. Travel delays are regular occurrences. Bad weather can take its toll. And there have been multiple instances of team buses getting in accidents this season.

But this was a new one. Saint Louis players were left waiting around in a nearly empty arena as police tracked down Edmister’s rogue driving.

Once it was established that the bus was secure and Edmister had been arrested, the team took a new bus to the old bus to recover all their belongings. Almost three hours after the game had ended, they then finally headed to the airport on the new bus for their charter flight home.

Edmister, 56, has a court appearance set for later in the month regarding the charges.

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