Spurs-Mavericks Game 1 Playoff Preview

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Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs begin their playoff journey in Game 1 against Devin Harris and the Dallas Mavericks. The regular season series between these two teams was dominated by the Spurs, who went 4-0 versus the Mavericks. Look for them to continue their seasonal success which does not bode well for Mavericks.

The San Antonio Spurs have championship aspirations following an outstanding regular season campaign, finishing with a record of 62-20. On the other hand, the underdog Dallas Mavericks enter the postseason after a solid regular season in which they posted a record of 49-33.

It will be a matchup of strength versus strength this series, as the high-powered offense of the Mavericks (third in the NBA with an offensive efficiency of 108.3) takes the court against the elite defense of the Spurs (fifth in the league with a defensive efficiency of 110.8). San Antonio is among the NBA's best in several of the Four Factors, while the Mavericks rank highly in a couple. The Spurs are in the top five in effective field goal percentage (second), opponents' free throw attempt rate (third), and defensive rebounding percentage (fourth), while Dallas excels in offensive efficiency (third) and effective field goal percentage (fourth).

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