Spurrier says Lattimore may return in 2013 or 2014

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The SportsXchange

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier did not provide a lot of information on Sunday about the season-ending knee injury sustained by running back Marcus Lattimore on Saturday, although he did say doctors believe there is a chance he could return to the field in 2013.
Spurrier did confirm in his Sunday teleconference that Lattimore had a dislocated kneecap, which was fairly evident in the replays of the gruesome injury.
But he deferred to medical experts regarding other issues, such as the extent of the ligament damage, so that remains unclear.
Asked whether it was similar to the injury sustained by Willis McGahee in January 2003, when he tore three major knee ligaments, Spurrier said, "No, I did not get that kind of report."
Although Spurrier said the team doctor said there's a chance Lattimore could return in 2013, he also said, "There could be a chance it could be two years down the road."
Whether that return would be at the collegiate or NFL level remains to be seen.

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