Source: Hiring is imminent

Ron Bailey, Publisher
Hoya Report

Since John Thompson III was released in March, and his replacement Patrick Ewing hired two weeks ago, Georgetown has yet to fully flesh out its full men's team staff. In fact, sources have only tapped Louis Orr as being a Ewing hire.

This time of year is crucial to recruitment. Not only are coaches now periodically allowed to leave campus to see high school-aged players compete in travel team competition, there are also segments in time in which high schools can be visited to view recruits working out and/or meet them at home, the effort of calling/texting them is maintained, plus securing collegiate transfers can occur.

Essentially it's a very important period in securing the lifeblood of an program - talent. Georgetown has not been fully equipped to meet that challenge.

Per someone close to the issue, that may soon change: As first published yesterday on our Premium Court message board, more coaching additions are imminent.

Who may that be?

Orlando Early, formerly of NC State is in the mix, as is present Rutgers bench guy Karl Hobbs. Both have been the subject of articles, and multiple late breaking Premium Court message board info drops.

For instance, shared on Early was an ACC insider's take on him having a "Very impressive track record. Extensive ties throughout the country".

Regarding Hobbs, an AAU source indicated he's "One of the best (as a recruiter). Did it as an assistant at UCONN and as a head coach at GW. He can get them".

That is just a subset of what we provided on Early, Hobbs and others.

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