Socialized Commerce Company Looks to Change the Way We Do Business


PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2016 / In 2010, Mark Zuckerburg predicted that Social Commerce would be the next industry "to blow up," and the results have been significant. Social Commerce is now estimated to be a thirty-to-fifty billion-dollar industry annually.

Now, a new form of commerce called Socialized Commerce is looking to provide a new path to success for consumers.

The new commerce, conceived and developed by Nicolas Global President, Dr. Nicolas Porter and is designed to take profits away from large businesses and advertisers and pass the savings on to those who connect others to products.

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New members are encouraged to buy products through an online platform called Trunited and then connect others to the Trunited platform. They are then rewarded for bringing consumers to Trunited, as all profits from each transaction are put into a Trunited "piggy bank" and are then doled out to all of the Trunited members at the end of each month.

The platform will be free to join, and every member will participate in the process and get paid in the same fashion, including Dr. Porter.

"I wanted something that could change the way we buy and sell things," says Dr. Porter, "so that commerce is able to help the average person instead of seeing all of the profits go to large companies."

Dr. Porter developed a unique pay structure, PayPlan 360, and an algorithm (using a concept he developed called ProSyn Dynamics) to ensure that every Trunited member would have a chance for success, and that the more people who join Trunited, the more each member benefits financially.

Dr. Porter explains, "When the Law of Profit Synergy Dynamics is at work, it combines the universal goodness of capitalism through entrepreneurialism, effort and innovation along with the positive aspects of socialism that unite a partnership through sharing, synergizing and uniting in a symbiotic relationship that rewards the strong contributors yet pulls, from above, everyone who participates in the system, thereby creating a stabilizing floor that no contributor needs to fear or focus on. It’s the creation of an opportunity for partnership with no ceiling, but a rock-solid, hard to fall through ground floor that calms and narrows the focus of the entire system to look up instead of down."

Trunited is set to launch in September.

SOURCE: Trunited

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