Soccer-Dates and weather at previous World Cups


Oct 1 (Reuters) - FIFA is considering whether to move the

soccer World Cup finals from the traditional months of June and

July when they are staged in Qatar in 2022 because of the

searing heat there at that time of year.

Since it began in 1930, the World Cup has been held on the

dates listed below.

Five of the 19 World Cups have started in May, with the

earliest kickoff in 1934 on May 27 in Italy when the final was

held on June 10, the earliest date for any World Cup final.

The latest date the World Cup has started was July 13 at the

first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930.

The latest date for the final has been July 30 twice: in

1930 and 1966.

Dates and overall weather at previous finals:

1930 Uruguay July 13-July 30 Warm wintry weather

1934 Italy May 27-June 10 Warm and sunny most of time

1938 France June 4-June 19 Warm and sunny most of time

1950 Brazil June 24-July 16 Warm but wintry at times

1954 Switzerland June 16-July 4 Changeable weather throughout

1958 Sweden June 8-June 29 Rain, final on slippery pitch

1962 Chile May 30-June 17 Changeable cool weather

1966 England July 11-July 30 Changeable, final: sunny day

1970 Mexico May 31-June 21 High altitude, hot weather

1974 W.Germany June 13-July 7 Changeable. Lot of rain

1978 Argentina June 1-June 25 Wintry weather

1982 Spain June 13-July 11 Hot and sunny throughout

1986 Mexico May 31-June 29 High altitude, hot weather

1990 Italy June 8-July 8 Hot and sunny throughout

1994 U.S. June 17-July 17 Hot. Final played in 38C

1998 France June 10-July 12 Warm and sunny

2002 Japan/SKorea May 31-June 30 Changeable and often humid

2006 Germany June 9-July 9 Pleasant, summery weather

2010 South Africa June 11-July 11 Often cold and wintry,

especially at night matches.

(Compiled by Mike Collett; Editing by Clare Fallon)

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