Sidney Crosby rag-dolls Ryan McDonagh after boarding major (Video)

Puck Daddy

In the Pittsburgh Penguins’ game at the New York Rangers on Wednesday night, Ryan McDonagh defended Conor Sheary as he played the puck along the boards.

Sheary had his back to him; McDonagh gave him a stiff shove from behind into the boards, sending the Penguins forward’s face bouncing off the glass.

Down went Sheary.

In times like this, a team looks to its most feared enforcer to send a message and keep the peace.

An enforcer like … Sidney. Crosby.

As you can see, Rangers fans weren’t happy about this. McDonagh was given a boarding major. Crosby was just given two minutes for roughing, despite doing something that some would argue would have earned a lesser player an instigator penalty but c’mon this is the NHL and well all know that referees would never no way ever give preferential treatment to a star player in a key divisional game.

Alright, that all said: Did Sheary embellish or what?

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