Show Your Team Pride With a Cirrus Stability Ball

Jon Bobel

Say you need a stability ball. Say you also like a certain NBA or NCAA team. Now you can combine the two with a Cirrus Fitness Stability ball.

Most physioballs are pretty ho-hum and lack pizazz. Cirrus has remedied this by imprinting team logos on their stability balls, so you can show your team pride at the gym or office. Besides using it for exercise, I often sit on the ball at work to engage my back and core more than with a standard office chair.

Quick fact sheet on the Cirrus Fitness stability ball:

  • Available in three sizes 55 cm, 65 cm and 75 cm) for custom fit

  • Embedded logo that will not peel or rub off

  • Rib design

  • Tested anti-burst material

  • Made of PVC (normal non-toxic quality)

  • Approved up to 300 pounds (tested to over 2,000 pounds)

  • Includes pump

  • 1-year limited warranty

Picking up where they left off with yoga mats, Cirrus has a multitude of products with some of your favorite teams' logos, so you can represent wherever you might be. Check out their various products at

Cirrus Fitness Logo'd Stability Balls
Cirrus Fitness Logo'd Stability Balls

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