Should Jacob Trouba be suspended for this Mark Stone hit? (Video)

Mark Stone of the Ottawa Senators began the 2016-17 season recovering from a concussion. He’s gone on to be an integral part of their surprising surge in the Atlantic Division: 21 goals and 25 assists in 55 games, entering their game against the Winnipeg Jets on Sunday.

(He scored goal No. 22 in that game.)

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Which is why this hit by Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba in the third period was a scary one, given Stone’s history:

Trouba was given a minor for an illegal check to the head.

Stone was in a prove position after dishing the puck. Watch Trouba after the pass: He tucks his arm and appears to raise it up in anticipation of the collision.

Shoulder to head. Nasty hit. Stone didn’t return to the game.

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Unless the Department of Player Safety decides this is Stone placing himself in harm’s way and Trouba attempting a full-body check, we imagine a suspension could be headed his way. Which means we should prepare ourselves for cries of inequity from Jets fans because Evgeni Malkin didn’t get dinged for this hit on Blake Wheeler, despite it being not nearly as predatory.


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