Shaq calls out LaVar Ball for price of Lonzo's signature shoe

Ball Don't Lie
(@SHAQ on Twitter)
(@SHAQ on Twitter)

Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand have released their first signature shoe, the ZO2 Prime, and it may or may not be fashionable. It may or may not be comfortable. All that is either subjective or to be determined.

One thing we are sure about: it definitely costs $495. And that’s definitely ridiculous.

Or, at the very least, it’s ridiculous according to Shaquille O’Neal. The former Lakers center and NBA Hall-of-Famer took to Twitter to call out Big Baller Brand, and specifically LaVar Ball, Lonzo’s dad:

Shaq is the anti-LaVar Ball when it comes to basketball shoes. His signature shoes are notably affordable, and that’s in large part due to Shaq’s own philosophy, especially when it comes to kids shoes. The cheapest Shaq shoes go for around $15 at Walmart.

Shaq signed a shoe deal with Reebok back in 1992, and his first signature shoe, the Shaq Attaq, originally went for $130. That would have placed it in the range of what most signature basketball shoes sell for today. The cheapest is $100. The most expensive is $190.

Well, that is, until now.

LaVar’s first tweet since the release was pretty foolish:

In its tweet announcing the ZO2 Prime, Big Baller Brand claimed that the sports world is “forever changed”:

If “the sports world” can be translated to “basketball shoe prices,” perhaps this is accurate. Otherwise…

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