Several Brewers will become brewers with exclusive Miller Park beer

Eric Thames, along with Brewers teammates <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/9712/" data-ylk="slk:Corey Knebel">Corey Knebel</a> and Oliver Drake, will soon be actual brewers. (AP Photo)
Eric Thames, along with Brewers teammates Corey Knebel and Oliver Drake, will soon be actual brewers. (AP Photo)

Sometimes, when a team and a player come together, it can feel like fate. When beer-lover Eric Thames joined the Milwaukee Brewers, it felt like that. A guy who loves beer playing on a team named for beer brewers in a city famous for its brewing heritage. That just feels meant-to-be.

Now this beer theme is being taken to new heights. Caitlin Moyer, the Brewers’ Director for New Media, revealed on her MLB Blog “Cait Covers the Bases” that Thames and teammates Oliver Drake and Corey Knebel will be creating a special beer with Brewers sponsor MillerCoors on May 22.

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Just how special is this beer? Not only is it being created by three Major League Baseball players, it will be entirely exclusive to Miller Park. So if you want to try this as-yet-unnamed beer, you’ll have to get yourself to Milwaukee.

Let’s check out the beer bonafides of our Brewers brewers. To start, we don’t know anything about Oliver Drake’s love of beer. There is a guy named Oliver Drake who has won a home brewing competition in New Zealand, but they’re not the same person. Corey Knebel has talked about his love of home brewing before, back when he was acquired by the Brewers in 2015. He doesn’t just brew beer at home, he also has a goal of trying a beer from each state. And when Eric Thames was red hot in April, he made this simple statement that said it all: “I love beer.”

But if you need any proof that Thames is taking this beer assignment seriously, this one line from Moyer’s post should reassure you.

Thames has submitted his “wish list” for style, taste, appearance, and aroma to the experts, and on Monday he and his teammates will begin the production phase at the MillerCoors pilot brewery.

We don’t know what preferences Thames included on his wish list, but I wouldn’t blame him if he wrote “What does 11 home runs and a .345/.466/.810 line in April smell like? Because that’s what I want this beer to smell like.”

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