See Photos of the Unlikely Former Teen Heartthrobs of 'Mad Men'

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Jay R. Ferguson in "The Outsiders" (1990) and "Mad Men" (2013)
Jay R. Ferguson in "The Outsiders" (1990) and "Mad Men" (2013)

Don Draper, Roger Sterling, and their handsome faces can take the day off. As it turns out, two of their colleagues at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have been there and done that when it comes to the whole heartthrob thing, so today we are going to talk about them: Jay R. Ferguson and Vincent Kartheiser. Who would have thought that their "Mad Men" characters -- bearded Stan Rizzo and uptight Pete Campbell -- used to be Teen Beat pinup boys?

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Ferguson probably posed for the teen magazines immediately after landing the part of Ponyboy on the TV adaptation of "The Outsiders." The series only lasted for 13 episodes, but Ferguson was in it for the long haul -- four seasons, to be exact -- on CBS's sitcom "Evening Shade" as Burt Reynolds's character's eldest son. It's clear to see who might have caused the spike in 13- to 18-year-old female viewers on that show, and we have to wonder if Reynolds gave the youngster tips on how to make the ladies swoon on and off camera.

Kartheiser made his way through some true classic films that received, well, slightly less praise than "Mad Men." He had a small part in "The Indian in the Cupboard," and he made his starring debut in the family flick "Alaska." Fortunately, Kartheiser also got to act in some cool projects with esteemed co-stars. He did vintage '60s with Kirsten Dunst and Gabby Hoffman in the period piece film "All I Wanna Do." In 1999, he did "ER," and shared the screen with David Bowie in the cult movie "Heaven Sent."

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It's ironic to think that in theory, he could have been cast on "Gilmore Girls" as a boyfriend for his present real-life fiancée and "Mad Men" mistress Alexis Bledel. But maybe it's best they didn't work together until now. It would have probably been exhausting trying to date a cover boy.

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