Seattle-area burglary suspect arrested while wearing Felix Hernandez's watch

As anyone in Seattle will tell you, there’s only one King Felix. That’s why local police were pretty confident they had the right guy when they made an arrest in a string of home burglaries and their suspect was wearing a watch with “King Felix” engraved on it.

That’s because the watch rightfully belonged to, you guessed it, Seattle Mariners ace Felix Hernandez.

Hernandez’s home was one of 123 luxury homes in the Seattle-area that had been robbed recently and on Wednesday police announced they’d busted the three-man burglary ring responsible for the crimes. From the Seattle Times:

Police said the burglary ring targeted high-end homes in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Medina and Clyde Hill. The group is thought to be responsible for at least 123 burglaries, with losses totaling nearly $3 million, police say.

“The burglars would case homes in high-end neighborhoods, break a rear window or sliding door with a rock or other object, and then steal jewelry, purses, cash, and firearms,” police said in a news release.

Police said the burglars would drive luxury vehicles to and from the homes in an attempt to blend into the targeted neighborhoods.

Hernandez’s home proved to be a jackpot for jewelry. In addition to the watch, they got two rings belonging to Hernandez. One was an All-Star game ring and the other, oddly enough, was a 2000 Yankees World Series ring.

The Yankees World Series ring raised several questions, mainly, how the heck did King Felix get one? He was 14 that year, not even signed into the Mariners’ system yet. It seemed like an easy enough assumption to think that Hernandez bought it off someone at some point.

The reality is a little less interesting.

According to Mike Mazzeo of the New York Daily News, it’s a replica ring that was handed out to fans on July 19, 2015 at Yankee Stadium. Hernandez pitched for Seattle that afternoon, earning a no-decision in a 2-1 Yankees victory, but apparently didn’t go home empty-handed.

It’s also noted the same replica ring can be purchased for a buy-it-now price of $23.39 on eBay.

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