Seahawks' Sherman says he was snubbed by Harbaugh

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Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman talks a big game and usually backs it up like he did in the Seahawks' 29-3 win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.
And after the game, Sherman wanted to keep talking, this time with his former coach, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.
But according to Sherman, Harbaugh did not acknowledge him and blew him off around midfield, despite Sherman patting his ex-coach on the rear and saying something.
"I told him good job, good game, but he didn't give me nothing back," Sherman told NFL Network. "I guess sportsmanship doesn't go both ways."
Sherman definitely made contact with Harbaugh, but he immediately jogs away, not giving his ex-coach at Stanford much time to react. It does appear that Harbaugh does say something in Sherman's direction.
"I didn't realize it was him until he was moving in the other direction," Harbaugh said in his postgame news conference. "He came up and patted me on the back, and I congratulated him. Same with Doug (Baldwin) and I congratulate the Seahawks. They played a hell of a game."
Sherman and Harbaugh have been verbally sparring ever since Sherman fell to the fifth round of the NFL Draft in 2011. Sherman blames Harbaugh for the reason he was not drafted higher.
Sherman also had some advice for Seahawks critics.
"There are a lot of pundits and ignorant idiots who thought, 'Oh, Seahawks are going to lose this game,' " he said. "Well, please. Please don't doubt us again.
"Every time they doubt us, you look stupid. I mean, what was the score last time we played them? (The Seahawks beat the 49ers 42-13 on Dec. 23, 2012) So, you know, you can't expect us to lose this game."

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