Scouts not optimistic about improved Penn State access

Len Pasquarelli, The Sports Xchange
The SportsXchange

League scouts have been conspicuously silent, at least for attribution, about the Penn State scandal.
But prior to the verdict against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, there was some sentiment that the hiring of former New England offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien as the replacement for Joe Paterno might perhaps prompt the school to soften its stance on visits by scouts, guidelines which were among some of the more strident in the nation.
School administrators were said to be wary of any ties to the NFL, as far as scouts and certainly agents, and while the policies were laid out by the university, the suspicion was that they came with the fingerprints of Paterno all over them.
The past month or so has all but dashed any hopes that Penn State will be more "NFL friendly" under O'Brien's stewardship.
As for the players still on the squad after the Sandusky conviction, many of whom vowed this week to remain with the program despite the NCAA's more lenient transfer policy regarding them, well, there are mixed opinions from scouts.
Some scouts suggested to The Sports Xchange that they might place a premium on the loyalty of the players who stay in State College, while others said that players who defected might do so because they wanted to be able to compete for a bowl game and a chance at a conference title.
Whatever the disparate views on the players, there pretty much is unanimity that not much is going to change when it comes to scouting access for at least the first year of O'Brien's stewardship.

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