Scouting Notebook: Mega-Marvin

Congratulations if you played Marvin Jones, who against the Jets on Sunday nearly outdid even Calvin Johnson. But the Jets play a lot of man and were paying special attention to A.J. Green so I doubt even aside from how he lit up the game film he’ll again see these types of coverages. Clearly, though, a day like this warrants an automatic pickup. I was bullish on Muhammad Sanu figuring he’d benefit from days like this so I’m not going to douse Jones with cold water. But you have to commit to him as a flex play. You can’t stream guys like this because coverages dictate their role on any given Sunday, not really the quality of the opponent.

Andy Dalton is hot. I can’t recommend him as a play when there’s the full slate of QBs in standard formats. Not yet. Plus this team doesn’t really have a passing personality and the defense doesn’t demand that kind of change.
Andre Ellington showed the entire package on Sunday in racing for 154 yards. His 80-yard TD run was especially impressive and he showed great instincts and vision in finding an opening between the tackles and then elite speed in bouncing it outside and to the house. However, we don’t know what the rotation will be when Rashard Mendenhall returns, though of course that should not be a concern. Whether it will be, I have no idea and neither do you. And Stepfan Taylor, who was heralded by some as a draft pick, received basically half the carries Sunday.

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The Falcons lack of a running game is good news for those who speculated on Harry Douglas, once an elite college receiver (2nd team All-American) but someone who has never gotten a chance because he’s viewed as undersized for duty outside the numbers. I see lots of PPR volume going forward. All the elements are there. #killtheppr

I thought RGIII was back in 2012 form. The theory was he had his preseason basically and now was a full-go as a runner, which would open up the deep passing game. But the Broncos, who have been victimized by long plays all year, smothered Washington’s offense. Then, Griffin tweaked his knee. I can’t confidently play anyone in this offense now except Alfred Morris and perhaps Jordan Reed (lots of garbage time on Sunday).
No receiver runs the screen better than Demaryius Thomas. Unfortunately, the Broncos really don’t fully exploit his many other strengths. And they don’t feel compelled to try given their historic offensive success.
Terrelle Pryor had one play all day but of course, it was some play. Forget about him as a weekly starter though. The Steelers were disappointing, as they always are in Oakland. It’s like they think it’s 1976 again when they visit.
Dez Bryant did not like Calvin Johnson running up and down the field all day with a lion’s share of Detroit targets. He made his feelings known, as all the studs do when they don’t feel they’re involved enough. And how can you say that Dez is getting a reasonable share of targets? You can’t throw six passes to Bryant and 10 to Terrance Williams when Williams is only gaining 6.4 yards on them (all on one play, basically).
And running Joseph Randle, Lance Dunbar and Phillip Tanner 21 times for 50 yards is playing to lose. Great players want to make great plays and will complain if they are not allowed to; this should not surprise anyone.
This is one situation when PPR is warranted. If anything Megatron should have more points. In the league where I own him, he scored 47.9. I think for the second-highest-yardage receiving day ever, it should be more.

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Colin Kaepernick is running again, which is good for him and Frank Gore. But it’s going to limit targets, though Vernon Davis is really the only receiver on the team worth going out of your way to get the ball to.

I can’t see Josh Gordon getting traded but believe he can do be valuable with any of the Browns QBs. Gordon is easily a top 10 receiver going forward. Does Jason Campbell have the baseline competency needed to get him the ball enough to justify the ranking? I think so, but I’m not certain. I’m fairly certain that someone on the team will be good enough though. Remember, ideally you’re good enough to make throws but bad enough to not seek other targets who are more open.
Jamaal Charles’s streak of 100-plus scrimmage yards and a TD in seven straight games to start a season is the first time that’s been done since O.J. Simpson.
Tom Brady is still a drag in fantasy, even with the full complement of weapons. I definitely would not be a buyer. I would have played RGIII over Brady though and look where that would have gotten me. Russell Wilson over Brady, though, rest of season. Some people have both.
There's little clarity in the Miami backfield, but I’d still take Lamar Miller.
I have no insight into Jimmy Graham’s status going forward. He’ll play. He can obviously be productive if he’s leveraged correctly by Drew Brees and company. If you can sell for something close to his draft value, I’d do it. But I was burned by thinking the same thing about Megatron a couple of weeks ago, i.e., “How can you get better playing?” These are not football calls; they’re medical ones. But I feel compelled to say something.
Kenny Stills is a great player in distance scoring, which is not used in nearly enough leagues. In standard ones? You have to play him every week and can you stand, say, two straight 2-for-38s?
Come on with Michael Vick: You can’t count on him in any week. The Eagles’ offense seems pretty snuffed out now no matter who is the quarterback. Downgrade all Eagles.

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