Scott reviews the competition among Penn State's safety position

Tim Owen, Staff Writer
Blue White Illustrated

One year ago, Nick Scott was just making the transition from running back to defensive back. Now, as an elected team captain, he’s soon becoming one of the leaders in the safety room.

Speaking to reporters on a conference call this week, Scott described in detail his off-season ambitions to become a more well-rounded defensive player. He also provided insight into his teammates who are vying for time at the two safety positions.

How are some of the top candidates progressing inside Penn State’s safety room this spring? Scott provides some insight, here.


On Marcus Allen…

“We have a lot of strength in the safety room. I’ll start with Marcus. Most of you have seen him play, obviously, and the first thing that jumps out at people is his physicality. This guys is fearless. He attacks everybody with a vengeance and I really like how he approaches the game like that. That’s something that I’m looking forward to, learning from him and taking from him a little bit, just his tackling skills. I mean, he gets guys on the ground and does it with force. Not too many guys are going to get hit by Marcus and not know who it is. He leaves his mark.”

On Troy Apke…

“Trap is a guy who knows the defense inside and out. Through my growth at safety along with Malik (Golden), he’d be a guy I’d go to first if I had questions about a look we were supposed to check to or my technique or things like that. Me and Trap are actually really close off the field. I consider him one of my best friends off the field, so it’s great to be in the room with him. Especially for younger guys and new guys like me, Trap is great with his intellect and putting that on that field and affecting the defense that way.”

On Ayron Monroe….

“Ayron Monroe, he’s one of the most athletic guys on our team. His athleticism is really outstanding. He can do anything at his size (5-foot-11/204 pounds) that a corner can do. He’s explosive. He’s fast. He’s all those things. If I can take all those guys together and incorporate something from their game into mine, I think you’d be looking at a pretty good safety. I think that’s really great for our room and I think it’s really great for our defense. I’m very blessed to be in a talented room like that. As you can imagine with all those sets of skills, we’re having great competition currently in the safety room, which is something that we want that is only making the team better.”

On Garrett Taylor…

Garrett Taylor just got moved to the safeties with us (from cornerback.) He’s moving fast. I mean, he’s actually moving a lot faster than I was when I was moving from running back to safety, which is good to see and has only added to depth, so he’s going to keep growing.”

Scott sees freshman Lamont Wade making splashes at CB

He’s been campus for only a few months, but Scott is already starting to recognize that freshman Lamont Wade as a likely contributor this season at cornerback.

“I think Lamont is killing it at corner right now,” Scott said. “He’s very confident and you love to see that in young guys. He hasn’t skipped a beat and I totally think he’ll be really big for us next year. He’s a younger guy who doesn’t carry himself as a younger guy. He’s taking reps with the ones and he’s making plays. I think he has two interceptions so far with good competition. I’m just excited to see his growth. I think he’s going to be one of those guys who really helps contribute his first year, which we’re excited for. He’s got a little mean streak to him, which is something that you can always appreciate in the secondary and has earned all of our respect so far. I’m really excited about Lamont. I don’t see him changing from where he is right now. … From a player’s standpoint, a teammate’s point standpoint, he’s killing it. He’s confident as ever and he’s only going up from here.”

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