Scioscia fine with Trout skipping HR Derby

Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia is not a fan of the Home Run Derby, so he didn't mind at all that Mike Trout wasn't invited to participate.

Trout, who was named to his second All-Star team, was thought to be a candidate for one of the four slots on the American League's team, but the final spot went to Yoenis Cespedes. The others are Robinson Cano, Prince Fielder and Chris Davis.

Scioscia told Trout over the weekend he preferred that Trout not participate because he thinks the big swings of the derby can wear out a player and create bad swing habits.

"It's grueling for a participant," Scioscia said. "The number of full gorilla swings you take, it's like being on a driving range and hitting 10 buckets of balls. It's tough. I haven't seen someone come away from that Derby and be a better player for it."

Mark Trumbo, who participated in the Home Run Derby last season, said the event had no impact on his second-half slump, and he didn't think concerns about fatigue or poor swing habits should be a factor.

"I think if you get to this level, you should be able to have a decent understanding of what you can do and have some bat control," Trumbo told "In that situation, you're trying to get under some balls. But it shouldn't be terribly hard to adjust out of that. You are going to be sore. If you go far enough, physically you're going to be a little bit tired."

Trout, who last did a home run derby in the Single-A ball, didn't seem to mind being passed over, but he'd like to try one someday.

"It's definitely good for the fans to see," Trout said. "Maybe down the road I'll think about doing it."

Trout has 15 homers this season. He hit 30 last season.