Schedule Analyzer: Week 20

Matt Buser
Yahoo! Sports

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The NBA Schedule Analyzer is a by-the-numbers breakdown of expected ease of production for each NBA team during the coming week. It can be used to help address add/drop and sit/start questions. Below, you'll find next week's Schedule Grid (green = easy, red = difficult), as well as Ease Rankings for each of the league's team defenses.

Week 20 Schedule Grid

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Current Ease Rankings (past 30 days)

Visit Basketball Monster for Ease Rankings breakdowns position-by-position and for custom date ranges.

Ease Rankings are calculated by comparing opponent production data with their season averages, and are not simply a straight team-by-team comparison. For this reason, a larger statistical number does not automatically equate with a larger Ease number. All values are assigned by way of z-scores.

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