#SB2K17 is golf's spring break sequel that's taking over Snapchat

In case you’re not someone who’s hip to Snapchat and millennials, then #SB2K16 probably wasn’t on your radar last year. As a way of catching you up, it basically was the colloquial term given to a trip Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler and Smylie Kaufman took to Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas to play shirtless golf, drink Casamigos tequila and generally unwind after a hectic first few months of the golf season.

The trip was a hit in a lot of pockets of golf social media, though the quartet had their get-off-my-lawn detractors who just want to see these guys play great golf, not goof off. Fine, but that didn’t stop the boys from getting the band back together against this year post-Masters from heading down into the Caribbean.

And so #SB2K17 started on Tuesday, with the Fab Four back again. The action has been chronicled again on Snapchat, and the trip has its own filter this year — a nice touch. It’s pretty much the same stuff as last year: shirtless foursomes golf, Jordan Spieth hitting bad drives, funny commentary and all around buddy-trip goodness for four 20-somethings who have plenty of money and can take a little break.

The foursome had teased growing the trip this year by inviting more people, including Rory McIlroy and Gary Player. Ultimately, however, it remained the original four. And while we can’t speak to McIlroy’s reaction to that (he’s getting married in the next few weeks, so this is kind of bad timing), we did hear from a disappointed Gary Player, who seemingly wanted to get in on the action.

Mr. Player, wherever you are is a party.

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