The San Antonio Spurs have their tails handed to them by a barefoot youth club in Mexico (Video)

The San Antonio Spurs probably don’t like having to travel out of the NBA loop for a regular season game down in Mexico City. The Minnesota Timberwolves, one can be assured, definitely don’t like having to travel thousands of miles between countries to play a “home” game, which they will against the Spurs on Wednesday. The contest is still a cool exercise, though, with the NBA deciding to play an actual game that counts in basketball-mad Mexico City, as opposed to an exhibition game featuring heavy minutes for players that may not even make the final roster cuts.

Ever-mindful of scouting for youngsters looking to make the leap to the NBA, the Spurs decided to meet with a local youth team following their practice on Tuesday. And, following a photoshoot and team huddle, the defending Western Conference champs kicked off their shoes and set up for a scrimmage with the youngsters.

It didn’t go well for San Antonio. Watch:

Here’s the on-scene breakdown, from Oscar Lopez at Latin Times:

In a training session prior to the actual NBA game, the Spurs took on a team of young boys called the 'Triquis' from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Both the Spurs and the Triquis played barefoot, with the Triquis winning 10-4.

The encounter took place at the Mexico City Arena, one of the biggest stadiums in the city. The youngsters were invited to visit their idols to take part in the training session, howver, Gregg Popovich proposed a friendly match with bare feet. The Triquis kids showed their determination and ability, weaving and snatching around the giant Spurs players. The victory is impressive, though we suspect the Spurs went a little easy on the pint-sized players.

I don’t know about that, Oscar. Those Triquis looked pretty impressive. It could very well be that old age has finally set in for the Tim Duncan-led Spurs, and that it took the Triquis to topple the giant.

(Hat tip: Ananth Pandian.)

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