Charges possible as Brazil police continue to probe U.S. swimmers' robbery report

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Lochte does have a history of dancing, although it didn't end well.
Lochte does have a history of dancing, although it didn't end well.

American swimmers Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen are facing indictment for allegedly filing a false police report, Brazilian authorities told news outlet GloboNews on Thursday.

Lochte and Feigen said they were robbed at gunpoint along with U.S. teammates Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger after going to a Brazilian club Sunday night. If they are found guilty, Lochte, 34, and Feigen, 26, will likely have to pay a fine, but won't face prison time.

An indictment in Brazil does not neccessarily lead to formal charges being filed, as it does in the U.S.

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Rio de Janeiro civil police chief Fernando Veloso told ESPN later Thursday that the investigation is still ongoing. Veloso said no indictments have been issued.

Brazilian police became suspicious of Lochte and Feigen's story that they were robbed at a gas station after parts of their accounts didn't add up.

Video surveillance appeared to show the group drunk at a gas station after taking a cab there.

Brazilian police said during a news conference Thursday they believe Lochte and his teammates had a gun pointed at them by a security guard after they vandalized the gas station's bathroom door, but no robbery occurred. Instead the group gave the owners of the gas station money for the broken door and the security guard brandished his gun because he saw the size of the swimmers and how drunk they were.

Bentz and Conger were taken off their flight back to the United States Wednesday after passing through customs. They were escorted to the police station, where they, along with Feigen, were “cooperating with authorities and in the process of scheduling a time and place today to provide further statements to the Brazilian authorities,” according to a statement by USOC.

Lochte had already returned to the U.S. when a Brazilian judge ordered him and Feigen to surrender their passports for further questioning. Feigen remained in Brazil.

Lochte stood by his story in a phone interview with NBC's Matt Lauer Wednesday night, but did concede the gun was waved around and not pressed to his forehead. The story continued to unravel well into Thursday.

Since Bentz and Conger didn't file the report with Lochte and Feigen, they have not been charged.

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