Ryan Hartman won’t be suspended for cheap shot vs. Predators

The Chicago Blackhawks are in an 0-2 hole against the Nashville Predators, having lost two games on home ice.

That’s frustrating. And frustration leads to plays that are symbolic of that frustration, such as the one Ryan Hartman had near the end of Game 2 against Craig Smith.

Here’s Hartman, earning a roughing call and a game misconduct at 18:35 of the third period:

There was some expectation from Predators fans that Hartman, who led the Blackhawks with 70 penalty minutes in the regular season, would get rung up with a suspension for this assault and general late-game shenanigans.

But from Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune, slow your roll:

A league source said Hartman will not face additional discipline for his hit on center Craig Smith late in Game 2, a hit that drew roughing and 10-minute misconduct penalties for Hartman.

The reaction from one prominent Predators blog:

1 – No injury on the play to Smith.

2 – While it certainly looked at first glance it was a butt-end of the stick that Hartman was using here, perhaps different angles reveal it’s just the glove, in which case it’s a regrettable play but not one that typically rises to the level of suspension. Typically.

Anyway, as Joel Quenneville told the Tribune “he’s one of those guys they always keep an eye on,” and we imagine he’s out of strikes if Hartman has another incident like this.

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