Rumblings of a Diego Costa hamstring injury to fuel your concerns

David Pasztor
SB Nation

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your panic rooms!

Besides the glorious puns and the Torresian 50m repaid headlines, you might notice the little blurb in the top left corner.  "Blues hit by Costa injury hell."


My eyes aren't what they used to be -- not that they ever were what they possibly could've been -- but The Sun are reporting that Diego Costa has a hamstring issue and he's facing 4-6 weeks out.  A parting present from Marko Marin?  Needless to say, this would be a major concern for Chelsea.

The usual caveats apply of course.  This is The Sun and while they may get some things right via Rob Beasley, this one is by somebody else and it's EXCLUSIVE, which seems rather silly for injury news.  Remember when Marca said that Drogba would be out for six months and then he was back in the game within a week?  Yeah.

Still, this could be an awful lot of smoke in a situation that's extremely flammable.  Even with the two-week international break, missing Diego Costa for a month or two could be somewhat catastrophic.

Gird your loins.  And your hamstrings, friends.  We might be in for some chop.  (And also extra transfer deadline day excitement should this actually be true.)

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