Royals in lockdown at Boston hotel

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The Kansas City Royals were holed up at a Boston hotel Friday, not knowing if they will start their series against the host Red Sox on time.
The city of Boston is locked down as authorities search for the missing Boston Marathon bombing suspect.
It is not known if Friday night's game, scheduled to start at 7:10 p.m. ET, will be played or postponed.
"We haven't heard anything about the ballgame. That's so far down on the pecking order today," Royals vice president of communications Mike Swanson said from the team hotel, according to "We're locked in, they've told us not to leave the hotel and every place is closed right now."
Royals manager Ned Yost checked into the hotel on Friday morning.
"We're going to do like everybody else," Yost said. "We're just waiting it out and seeing what happens. They're not opening the ballpark right now until the situation is resolved."
Authorities have requested that people in the Boston area stay indoors until further instructed.
Royals reliever Tim Collins, who is from nearby Worcester, Mass., was in his hotel room with his teammates.
"It's pretty scary," Collins said. "I've never been part of anything like this and, obviously, there are tons of people affected by it but you just have to wait and, hopefully, they get the guy."
The Royals arrived in Boston on a chart flight from Atlanta, where they wrapped up a series against the Braves on Wednesday.
"I think this is probably the safest place you can be because there are so many officers, FBI and stuff like that," Collins said. "Until they catch the guy, this is a pretty safe place to be. You really couldn't tell anything outside when we flew in but once we got closer to the hotel, you could really see what was going on."
Pitcher James Shields said, "Baseball is a very tight family and we tend to stick together in times like this, no matter what. I think we've done a good job of staying a family that's close-knit."

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