Rowdy bachelorette party crashes live Olympic TV coverage

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RIO DE JANEIRO – Dan Walker had the Rio Olympics night shift on BBC Four, broadcasting live from Copacabana Beach on Saturday night. He was lamenting the fact that many viewers may have flipped over to BBC One, where live athletics were being aired. It was all a little melancholy.

But in the distance, a clamor. A joyful noise. A parade of women in sashes and crowns, correctly identified as a “hen party” by Walker, which is delightfully crass British way of referencing a bachelorette party. They appeared to be tethered together. “Perhaps how they do it in Brazil,” said Walker.

Then, Maria came into his life.

Maria is the bride of the aforementioned bachelorette party. She was called over by producers and joined the broadcast, talking about her upcoming nuptials live on the air.

When the short interview was over, Walker urged his cameraperson to shift back to the wailing party on the sidewalk, so they could wave goodbye. It was then that Maria realized she was on BBC, which impressed her:


“BBC? Muito dinheiro,” she said, which when translated means “mucho dinero.”

She then got her ladies to chant “BBC BBC!” live on the air.

And then, at the end of the interview, she gave viewers the “call me!” sign, to which Walker reminded her she’s getting married.


Ah, the Olympics: Bringing cultures together. Cultures in this case being “television presenters” and “inebriated future brides.”

s/t Buzzfeed UK

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