Roundtable: What does Tech's series loss in Norman mean?, Staff
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In this week's edition of the Roundtable, the RRS Staff discusses the following question:

What do you make of Texas Tech losing two of three in their weekend series at Oklahoma?

Chris Level: Not a big deal that the Red Raiders dropped a series to Oklahoma in Norman, but it also shows you how important it is to stay healthy. No Davis Martin on Friday night makes winning any series an uphill battle. Last week saw several injuries pop up for this team, and thankfully none appear to be too serious, but to win the league, host a regional, and get to Omaha they must stay healthy and that starts with Martin. Hopefully he's back very soon.

Will McKay: Tech lost a series on a walk-off home run in a rain storm with Davis Martin and Tanner Gardner on the bench. As my good friend Ron Washington would say, that's the way baseball go.

It was a tough weekend where the lineup seemed to struggle, specifically on Friday night, and the bullpen gave up too much. Those were the two areas on this team everyone - including myself - was concerned about coming into the season. They've shown flashes of great, and they've shown valleys of bad.

This road series loss against what now appears to be a very good Oklahoma team, shouldn't be considered a huge misstep. Heck, last year's team lost to a bad Texas team at home.

But, this can't become a habit. The Red Raiders must continue to try to find consistency with back end pitching and at the plate, and they must win this series in Lubbock against Baylor this weekend.

Drew Kohnle: Not having a guy like Martin to set the tone for the series on day one and not having a veteran bat/presence like Tanner Gardner hurt as well. In the end, it was just baseball. The Sooners boasted a strong home record and the Red Raiders couldn’t keep up their blistering pace. Unfortunately, it happens.

Tadlock’s bunch has high expectations placed on them (and deservedly so). Going 1-2 this weekend isn’t something to be okay with. The Red Raiders do still sit at 25-6, though, which is an insane record. As with all good teams, the response after a disappointing series is what is most important and the Red Raiders have New Mexico State and a three-game showdown with Baylor to put Oklahoma in the mirror.

Maitland Rutledge: I knew the Red Raiders would lose a series at some point. While I felt they had a good chance to take this one, I was not super surprised when they fell to Oklahoma 1-2. Riding a ten-game winning streak, I knew they would hit a wall at some point.

I don’t look at this loss as that bad. Tech only fell three spots in the D1 Baseball rankings, from number three to number six, and is still in prime position to make a run at the College World Series. The next series against Baylor will be tough and the Red Raiders could use a series win to bounce back.

Kyle Jacobson: I'm not overly concerned about dropping two in Norman, though it is a bit disappointing. The injuries of Davis Martin and Tanner Gardner likely could have been the difference between a series win and the loss that was suffered in reality. I'm not going to panic yet, but this seems like the kind of series Tech won last year on its way to a Big 12 title, hosting a regional, and going to Omaha. If Tech can get healthy for the home stretch and postseason play, it'll be just fine I think.

Kolt Rogers: Tech limped into Norman this weekend. Tech was without arguably their best hitter and pitcher on the team and only lost the series on a walk-off homer. Tech will be fine. The veterans on the roster are struggling at the plate, and the bullpen has been shaky at times, yet Tech has continued to win games. I look for Tech to come out of their hitting funk this week and win the series vs Baylor.

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