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There's a phrase we found ourselves using a lot while people-watching in the L.A. area last week, and it applies equally well to Fantasy Football '08:

Those are some useful enhancements.

Imaginary football is back, and we couldn't be happier. New to the game this year are a variety of keeper-specific improvements, designed to ensure that we capture all of your discretionary resources until the end of time give you the best possible user experience. Commissioners will find that they have a great deal more flexibility, and owners will notice that they suddenly have several new tools at their disposal.

Some of these tools, like percent-owned and started information, are strategically useful; other tools, like our smack-talk enhancements, are designed to escalate hostilities in your league to the brink of violent conflict.

The draft room experience has also been improved. One of the bullets underneath "New Live Draft App" on the game's propaganda page says, "Don't miss a turn with our new audio alerts." As some of you know, for years I've been pushing the idea that Brad Evans should be the voice of the Yahoo! draft app...but no such luck. So don't get too excited about audio alerts.

(Honestly, how great would it be if you heard Evans shout, "I luuuuuuhhv me some Brandon Jacobs!" whenever your turn came up? It's a sensory experience that none of our competitors can match. We've missed an opportunity).

Still, football is back, and we're thrilled with the updates. Please go sign-up. You'll notice that our post-NFL Draft fantasy mock has reappeared on the front page, too, for those of you who'd like the mock. In the days ahead, we'll deliver more football content that can be easily ridiculed via comments.

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