Rockets rookie White addresses fear of flying

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Forward Royce White, the Houston Rockets' first-round draft pick, missed the start of training camp as he works on a plan to treat an anxiety disorder related to a fear of flying, the Houston Chronicle reported.
White did not travel with the team to McAllen, Texas, for the start of camp this week, but met with Rockets officials in Houston, the Chronicle reported.
One issue to be worked out is White's desire to ride a bus for some games.
"I will not travel every game via bus, but it was decided that the less flying, the less stress. I offered to provide the bus," White said via Twitter, according to the Chronicle.
In a statement, White said, "It causes me anxiety to know that serious consequences could happen if I do not express what I deal with, or if I am not truthful enough to ask for what I need, to be healthy. For me, hiding is no longer a healthy option in treating my anxiety or OCD, so I have asked for some help from the organization to ensure long-term health for myself.
"It has been determined that without a specific plan in place, the current workplace is not healthy for me. I feel that it is essential to formulate the right plan for a better chance of execution, despite other timelines or agendas. The most important agenda to me is a plan that is healthy. Therefore, a plan has been requested that will support a healthy work environment. In addition to this, it has been requested that the standard requirements for players in regards to this plan be voided because it is not a standard situation.
"It is regrettable that I cannot be currently present, but long term health obviously should be the most important thing. I will continue to champion the cause for mental illness being met with understanding; if not, the ramifications are dangerous.
"Mental illness is a very individual based disorder - very unique for each person. So for those who come forward and ask for help, a very unique support plan should be the solution, given the nature of mental illness.
"No blame is being placed on the Rockets organization."
White later said on Twitter, "Anxiety isn't keeping me from camp, taking a Proactive approach to my mental illness instead of reactive is.
"Again I want to emphasize! My health now is great, the best it's ever been, now that I could quit hiding the long term is the goal here."
White said in an interview with that he wanted to have a plan "in writing" with the Rockets that would help treat his disorder.

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