Rob Gronkowski Is Looking Forward To Celebrating An Extremely Nice NFL Milestone

Whitney McIntosh

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Rob Gronkowski’s number on the football field might be 87, but he’s really excited about 69.

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His 69th career touchdown that is. During Sunday’s Patriots-Steelers matchup, Gronk caught the 68th touchdown pass of his career and tied the Pats’ franchise record for TDs currently held by Stanley Morgan, who played for the team from 1977-1989. One more, and Gronk not only sets has the franchise record all to himself, but also gets to embrace his full Gronkness and fly off into the sunset as a fully evolved Gronk Phoenix. He will have reached his ideal number of touchdowns, and thus cannot possibly peak any further as a football player.

Of course, Gronk doesn’t need anybody to alert him of this impending milestone. He knows.

Naturally! There’s no way that he hasn’t been looking forward to this since Day 1 in the league. He’s probably been planning out the perfect celebration for months (or a few days, Gronk’s planning skills can’t be that stellar), knowing that he would only get one chance to celebrate the nicest of touchdowns in front of thousands of screaming fans (or booing, seeing as the Pats’ next game is away at Buffalo).

If Gronk wants to seal his reputation as the goofiest, dopiest, bro-iest guy in the league then he will definitely ditch the Gronk Spike for just one scoring play and celebrate in a way that will have the Office of the Commissioner pulling fines from his paycheck before the next kickoff. Gronk setting a record with the 69th touchdown of his career is almost too perfect an occasion, and it should be celebrated as the momentous event that it is.

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