Richardson impressed by Stanford and is willing to be patient

Jacob Rayburn, Publisher
Cardinal Sports Report

Buford, Georgia safety Bryson Richardson made the journey to Stanford this past weekend to better acquaint himself with the program as he waits for an offer.

A one-time Tennessee commit, Richardson realized that his fondness for the program in Knoxvillle shouldn’t stop him from making sure he was making the right choice for him. So, he took a step back and re-opened his recruitment. He was in contact with Stanford defensive coordinator Lance Anderson, who encouraged the Georgian to visit.

“It blew me away,” Richardson said. “I had a good time. My mom and I enjoyed everything out there.”

Richardson spoke with defensive backs coach Duane Akina before the visit and had an opportunity to talk more in depth on The Farm. Akina praised the physicality of Richardson, who primarily roamed the middle of the field last season for the 13-2, region champion Wolves.

Akina told Richardson he wants to visit later this spring for an in-person evaluation of the safety’s versatility and ability to cover man-to-man. Akina's assessment fit into a theme of the visit, which is that patience is required when being recruited by Stanford.

The Cardinal coaches are a thorough group.

“Some people don’t get offered until maybe November or late in the season,” Richardson said. “It’s complex even trying to get into Stanford. It takes a lot of work just to get through admissions.

“I’m willing to put forth the effort, especially for a school like Stanford. You get the best education in the world and play football, so I’m willing … to try to get into the school.”

With offers from Kentucky, Louisville, Minnesota, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and West Virginia in addition to Tennessee, Richardson wants to narrow his focus to certain schools by the end of spring and make a commitment before the end of the year. But the fact that Stanford hasn’t offered, yet, is factored into his calculations.

“You have to go to a place that you feel is the right environment and the best overall fit for you,” he said. “De-committing from Tennessee was hard because I really did like them. But I wanted to take my time. It takes a toll on you but I wanted to see if there were better options for me.

“If Stanford called one day and said, ‘We want to offer you.’ I would definitely keep them in consideration. That could happen, who knows, maybe in November or December. That could change my whole mindset of how I feel about where I’m at in my recruiting.”

Richardson was paired with player host Obi Eboh on the visit and he talked to the Texan about about the Stanford experience.

“I really learned what type of effort and what type of work you have to put in to attend the school,” Richardson said. “He was talking about what they expect from you and the type of mindset you have to have going in there and how disciplined you have to be.”

Discipline and patience are two words that Richardson appears to be embracing as he navigates finding the right college for him.

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