Rewind: LSU Pro Day

Bryan Lazare, Senior Writer
Tiger Bait

LSU coach Ed Orgeron was a proud father following Pro Day on Wednesday.


AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Or rather, Orgeron acted like a proud stepfather. Orgeron, who replaced Les Miles as interim coach in late September, gave credit to other people for the number of Tigers players who grabbed the spotlight at Pro Day.

“There were other guys who did the work,” Orgeron said. “Coach Miles brought these guys in and Frank Wilson recruited them. (General Manager) Austin Thomas did a tremendous job organizing this event. People told me that this was the best Pro Day all season.”

There were 17 former LSU players who took part in Pro Day. Orgeron pointed out that Jamal Adams and Leonard Fournette were the highlights of the day. Adams ran a 4.33 40-yard dash, while Fournette dropped 12 pounds since the NFL combine.

Members of the 2017 Tigers team observed much of the day’s events. In addition, the large number of players at Pro Day can help recruiting.

“Today is motivation four our younger players,” Orgeron said. “They see the exactness to detail. These coaches tell you what to do. If you don’t do it, there will be somebody there to take your place. We want have a great Pro Day every year. The guys we recruit want to go to the NFL.”

Orgeron predicted that 10 to 12 of the players who worked out Wednesday will be drafted later this month.

Here are the NFL combine and Pro Day numbers for the LSU players. Heights and weights are rounded off. Draft ratings come from CBS


Malachi Dupre – No. 14 wide receiver, third-round projection

Combine: 6-2, 195; 4.52 sec. 40; 11 bench reps; 4.26 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 11.88 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 7.19 sec. 3-cone drill; 135 in. broad jump; 39.5 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 6-3, 190; 4.46 sec. 40

Dupre’s comments: “This was a pretty exciting day. I know what I am capable of and I have to put that in the guys’ minds. I am glad that I got that (40-yard) time today. The biggest question about me is the lack of production in the passing game. But, it was not just me. I tell the teams we had a great team, which was filled with great players. Everybody had to touch the ball. I have to show that I can run routes and catch the ball. I took some shots this year running across the middle and I caught those balls.”

Travin Dural – No. 42 wide receiver, undrafted free agent projection

Combine: 6-1, 200; 4.57 sec. 40; 4.55 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 12.21 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 7.29 sec. 3-cone drill; 116 in. broad jump; 30.5 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 6-1, 200; 4.57 sec. 40


Colin Jeter – No. 31 tight end, undrafted free agent projection

Pro Day: 6-6, 250; 4.75 sec. 40; 20 bench reps; 4.33 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 11.95 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 7.11 sec. 3-cone drill; 111 in. board jump; 31 in. vertical jump

DeSean Smith – Unranked

Pro Day: 6-4, 240; 4.94 sec. 40; 14 bench reps; 4.52 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 11.97 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 7.39 sec. 3-cone drill; 111 in. broad jump; 28.5 in. vertical jump


Ethan Pocic – No. 2 center, third-round projection

Combine: 6-6, 310; 5.15 sec. 40; 26 bench reps; 4.81 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 7.89 sec. 3-cone drill; 107 in. broad jump; 27 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 6-6, 315

Pocic’s comments: “I did everything at the combine and I had solid numbers there. I wanted to stay with those numbers. I got bigger and stronger since the combine. I added seven pounds. I thought the drills today went pretty smooth. I want to play ball again. The worst part is that I am not with a team right now. I have got to work my hips into blocking my man and I have to work on my punch. Teams say that I bend good and they like my flexibility. They like a 6-6 center as long as I can bend. I think I am best on the interior, guard or center. I could be an emergency tackle. I just need reps there.”

Josh Boutte – No. 35 guard, undrafted free agent projection

Pro Day: 6-4, 350; 5.25 sec. 40; 28 bench reps; 4.98 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 8.11 sec. 3-cone drill; 103 in. broad jump; 27 in. vertical jump


Leonard Fournette – No. 1 running back, first-round projection

Combine: 6-0, 240; 4.51 sec. 40; 28.5 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 6-0, 230

Fournette’s comments: “My mom has been on me about losing weight and what I’ve been eating. I wanted to show everybody I can lose weight. I wanted to show I could be disciplined. Teams said at the combine that I looked good. Some teams wanted to see if I could get down to this size. Teams respected that I played through the injuries. They ask me if I’m 100 percent now and I say, ‘yes.’ It’s a long process, but I’m enjoying it.”


Davon Godchaux – No. 13 defensive tackle, fourth-round projection

Combine: 6-3, 310; 5.27 sec. 40; 18 bench reps

Pro Day: 6-3, 300; 22 bench reps; 4.91 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 7.82 sec. 3-cone drill; 104 in. broad jump; 29.5 in. vertical jump

Lewis Neal – No. 24 defensive end, seventh-round projection

Pro Day: 6-1, 260; 4.72 sec. 40; 23 bench reps; 4.44 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 7.54 sec. 3-cone drill; 117 in. broad jump; 36 in. vertical jump


Duke Riley – No. 7 outside linebacker, second-round projection

Combine: 6-0, 230; 4.58 sec. 40; 18 bench reps; 4.21 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 6.89 sec. 3-cone drill; 122 in. broad jump; 34.5 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 6-0, 230; 4.59 sec. 40

Kendell Beckwith – No. 4 inside linebacker, third-round projection

Combine: 6-2, 245; 20 bench reps

Pro Day: 6-2, 245

Tashawn Bower – No. 20 outside linebacker, sixth-round projection

Combine: 6-5, 250; 4.82 sec. 40; 20 bench reps; 4.37 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 11.77 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 7.20 sec. 3-cone drill; 121 in. broad jump; 31.5 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 6-5, 250; 4.73 sec. 40; 4.66 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 7.11 sec. 3-cone drill, 124 in. broad jump, 34 in. vertical jump


Jamal Adams – No. 1 strong safety, first-round projection

Combine: 6-0, 215; 4.56 sec. 40; 18 bench reps; 4.13 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 11.92 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 6.96 sec. 3-cone drill; 120 in. broad jump; 31.5 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 6-0, 210; 4.33 sec. 40

Adams’ comments: “Coach (Ed) Orgeron and his staff put on a great Pro Day for us. I sure hope I solidified a top spot in the draft. I came out today wanting to run a faster time (than at the combine). 4.5 wasn’t me. Technique was the difference today. My drop phase was better and I stayed lower. At the combine, I popped up. I most definitely exceeded my own expectations. Sean Taylor and Eric Berry were safeties who were drafted No. 5. I want to make history and be the first safety drafted higher than five. I feel like I’m versatile. I can blitz. I can come down and cover. I can go sideline to sideline. That’s what separates me from the other (safeties).”

Tre’Davious White – No. 3 cornerback, first-round projection

Combine: 5-11, 190; 4.47 sec. 40; 16 bench reps; 4.32 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 6.90 sec. 3-cone drill; 119 in. broad jump; 32 in. vertical jump

Pro Day: 5-11, 195; 4.47 sec. 40; 11.70 sec. 60-yard shuttle

Dwayne Thomas – No. 52 cornerback, undrafted free agent projection

Pro Day: 5-11, 195; 4.59 sec. 40; 18 bench reps; 4.38 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 11.83 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 7.19 sec. 3-cone drill; 119 in. broad jump; 33.5 in. vertical jump

Rickey Jefferson – Unranked

Pro Day: 5-11, 210; 4.58 sec. 40; 17 bench reps; 4.33 sec. 20-yard shuttle; 11.81 sec. 60-yard shuttle; 6.96 sec. 3-cone drill; 120 in. broad jump; 35.5 in. vertical jump


Colby Delahoussaye – Unranked

Pro Day: 5-9, 185

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