It is repugnant that a pre-teen was permitted to fight an adult in MMA

·Combat columnist
Momoko Yamazaki vs. Momo
Momoko Yamazaki (left), a 24-year-old MMA fighter, was choked out by a 12-year-old known as Momo (R)

The headlines, of course, will primarily be about the “humiliation” and “embarrassment” suffered by a 24-year-old woman who was choked out in a mixed martial arts fight by a 12-year-old girl.

The headlines, though, will miss the point entirely.

On Saturday at Deep Jewels 16 in Tokyo, a 12-year-old known as “Momo” was for some reason allowed to fight an adult, 24-year-old Momoko Yamazaki. Per Bleacher Report, Momo won the fight by rear naked choke.

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It is repugnant that this farce was permitted. The fact that the pre-teen was victorious is beside the point. No 12-year-old is equipped, either physically or emotionally, to be competing against adults.

Their bodies — and minds — are still developing and the risks are far too great to allow this to occur.

That someone thought this would be a good idea is a study in poor judgment. Children this age and younger who compete need to do so in a structured, controlled environment against opponents of similar age, size and skill level.

It borders on child abuse that this was permitted.

We can only hope it is the last time it occurs, but sadly, the fact that the 12-year-old won the fight will cause some to justify it and put her back in the cage against another adult.

This is a tragedy waiting to happen, but common sense can prevent it.