Reporter asks Sean Spicer if Donald Trump is backing Rangers or Capitals

It’s said that there’s a time and a place for everything, and apparently the day when the U.S. military dropped the largest non-nuclear weapon ever used in combat was also the day when it was appropriate to ask whether President Donald Trump wants the Washington Capitals or New York Rangers to win the 2017 Stanley Cup championship.

In fairness, Richard Latendresse of TVA moved to Washington, D.C. from Montreal, so he’s constantly got hockey on his mind; and he did ask two salient questions about U.S. foreign policy before asking for which team the President of the United States was pulling in the National Hockey League postseason. Alas, no follow-up regarding his feelings on the discontinuation of the NES Classic …

“With the National Hockey League playoffs just started, will the President cheer for the Rangers or the Caps?” he asked.

There was some quiet laughter.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer responded: “Respectfully, that’s really not been a subject that’s come up too often in the White House.”

There was much more laughter, because everyone is supposed to laugh harder when the boss makes a joke.

Watch it here:

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, who hipped us to this story, notes that Trump is very much a public advocate for the Rangers, although that could have been him going through the motions as a New York celebrity.

But then, what Caps fan has ever looked at Mark Messier this way?

For the record, former President Barack Obama never traveled the handful of blocks from the White House to Verizon Center to take in a Capitals game during his eight years in office.

But he did have the world’s greatest line about Phil Kessel and was the catalyst for the Tim Thomas’s White House boycott.

Wonder if we’ll see any of those come the first Stanley Cup champions visit to the Trump White House…

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