Report: Sandusky's wife discredits adopted son's allegations

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Jerry Sandusky's wife sent a letter to the judge presiding over her husband's trial and sentencing, praising her husband's character and denying he had ever done anything inappropriate to a child, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported Thursday.
But perhaps the most significant part of her letter -- which was one of two Sandusky family letters presented to the court before Tuesday's sentencing hearing and released to the public on Thursday -- was her comments about their adopted son, Matt Sandusky.
Matt Sandusky had told prosecutors during Sandusky's child sex abuse trial that he had been a victim of Sandusky's sexual abuse. Sandusky's attorneys have said that prevented them from having Jerry Sandusky testify in the case.
According to the Patriot-News, Dottie Sandusky wrote in her letter, dated July 9, about Matt, "People need to know what kind of person he is. We have forgiven him many times for all he has done to our family thinking that he was changing his life, but he would always go back to his stealing and lies. He has been diagnosed with bipolar, but he refuses to take his medicine. He has had many run-ins with the law and stolen money and items from our family. We still love him and want the best for him, but because of his actions we cannot express this to him."
Matt Sandusky's lawyers released a state, which, according to the Patriot-News, read, "Matt is extremely disappointed that Dottie and the Sanduskys have decided to smear his character in attempt to deflect attention from Jerry Sandusky's heinous crimes. Matt has shown tremendous courage and strength.
"Rather than supporting her son when he made the gut-wrenching and courageous decision to come forward and tell the truth about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Jerry Sandusky, Dottie Sandusky has chosen to continue Jerry's strategy of blaming and attacking the victims, thereby perpetuating the abuse."
Jerry Sandusky also sent a letter to Judge John Cleland. It said many of the same things he said in court at Tuesday's sentencing hearing.
He proclaimed his innocence, criticized the judicial system and noted how he is dealing with his conviction.

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