Report: NHL tickets rise more than NFL, NBA

NHL teams implemented a larger ticket percentage increase than the NFL and NBA for the second straight season, according to an annual study by Team Marketing Report, a sports marketing research firm.

Following a four-month lockout, the NHL began play in January and season-ticket prices rose 5.7 percent, according to the Team Marketing Report Fan Cost Index. The average season ticket for non-premium seats is $61.01. Prices were determined long before the season began. The 2013 MLB ticket average won't be released until the start of the season.

The NBA's average ticket increased 3.5 percent to $50.99 and the NFL's rose 2.5 percent to $78.38. Last season's average MLB ticket remained even at $26.98.

In the previous season, the NHL raised prices by 4.8 percent, while the NBA (1.7 percent), NFL (1.2 percent) and MLB (1.2 percent for 2011 season) had smaller increases.

The higher prices haven't hurt sales. Through Feb. 12, the NHL had an average attendance of 17,652, or 1.1 percent more than last season's average of 17,455, according to the report.