Report: Matt Schaub Benched For Derek Carr As Raiders' Starting QB Before Regular Season Even Starts

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Safe to say this is not how the former Houston Texans' starting QB saw his tenure in Oakland going. Read more for the specifics from Jay Glazer and the reaction of Texans fans on Battle Red Blog.

While many thought there was a good chance Derek Carr would usurp the Raiders' starting QB gig from former Houston Texans starting quarterback Matt Schaub at some point this season, I don't think that many observers thought it would occur before the regular season even started. Yet Jay Glazer says that's precisely what's happened.

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The Texans parted ways with Matt Schaub back in March after a historically disastrous season for both team and player in 2013. Schaub hoped a fresh start in Oakland would allow him to rediscover the success he had throughout the majority of his tenure in Houston. Alas, it doesn't appear that's in the cards.

What's your reaction to Schaub being demoted before he took a single regular season snap for the Raiders? At the hands of David Carr's little brother, no less?

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