Report: Lakers hold clear-the-air meeting, but Howard injures shoulder later

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The Los Angeles Lakers held a clear-the-air team meeting Wednesday morning, according to the Los Angeles Times, and some of the discussion was rather loud. Kobe Bryant even asked Dwight Howard whether he disliked playing with him.
"Guys went at each other a little bit," a witness told the Times.
Things did not go well for Howard in Wednesday night's game against the Grizzlies, though, as he suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to leave the contest. This came hours after Howard had said things would be different now and that he would take more responsibility for the team's success.
Those comments followed the team meeting. According to the report, coach Mike D'Antoni started the meeting by saying he was tired of players being quoted in the media that they questioned his offense and the number of touches they were getting.
When players were asked to speak, Steve Nash said he didn't care what system was used as long as the players were comfortable with it.
Later in the meeting Bryant admitted he could be hard to play with and asked Howard whether that bothered him.
"He didn't go back at Kobe," the witness told the Times.
Later Wednesday, Howard told reporters he thinks things will be different from this point, and said he plans to take more responsibility for the team's success.
He apologized for complaining about the number of touches he got in Monday's game.
"That was immature," he said Wednesday. "I shouldn't have done it."

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