Report: Giants could share home with A's

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Major League Baseball introduced the idea of the San Francisco Giants sharing AT&T Park with the Oakland A's in 2014 because the A's negotiations on their lease extension with Coliseum are stalling, according to the San Jose Mercury News.
The A's agreement to play at Coliseum expired after this season. They are trying to extend their lease with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Commission for less than five years.
However, an arrangement for the A's to play at the Giants' home ballpark is unlikely.
MLB is still working on the A's desire to move to San Jose. The team wishes to keep playing at O.Co until the league settles the situation. The Giants claim territorial rights over Santa Clara County.
The A's and the coliseum commission have been negotiating for six months. The two sides disagree over concessions revenue and the length of the extension.
MLB has involved itself in the negotiations to ensure the team has a place to play next season, and so it can administer the schedule and inform opponents where home games will be played.
The league may force the Giants to share their ballpark because it has an antitrust exemption that gives it special powers to control franchise movement.
The Los Angeles Dodgers shared Dodger Stadium with the Angels while Anaheim was building a new ballpark in the 1960's and the New York Yankees played at Shea Stadium (the Mets' home) during the 1970s while Yankee Stadium was being remodeled.

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