Eagles WR Cooper in practice brawl

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Wide receiver Riley Cooper and cornerback Cary Williams were involved in a fight at practice Thursday that required several players to intervene.
Cooper, who put himself in hot water in the locker room and elsewhere when he was captured on video making racist slurs and left the team briefly in August to deal with the aftermath, was shaken and sat out some one-on-one drills following the dust up, which made the rounds on the internet after a recording of the fight surfaced. Wiliams was angrily swinging at Cooper, who was wearing a helmet.
"We got tangled up," Cooper said after practice, "and ended up on the ground."
Williams shed his helmet and went back after Cooper when they were separated. Quarterback Michael Vick stepped in and calmed Williams down.
After practice, Williams shouted from his locker, "Don't even come by here. I'm not talking at all," in the direction of stalking reporters.
Williams, who was also involved in a fight during joint practices with the Patriots in August, was outspoken after learning of Cooper's comments last month.
"(A)t the end of the day, we look at . . . rap artists (and) some people in the locker room, that word gets tossed around," Williams said. "And what I think about my grandmother and my great-grandmother having to endure being called that name . . . . We as a black community sometimes pounce on somebody who uses it in a derogatory way when there are times in the black community when we use it freely.
"I think there's no place for that word in anybody's language, in anybody's mouth or off anybody's tongue, whether you're black, white, green, purple, blue," Williams said. "It's still the same meaning, it's still a harsh word."

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