Replacement ref Easley stands by his MNF call

The Sports Xchange
The SportsXchange

Former replacement referee Lance Easley, who made the controversial touchdown call in Monday night's game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers, stands by his ruling, according to a TMZ report.
"It was the correct call," he told the web site. "I didn't do anything wrong."
Easley feels the a case of simultaneous possession, meaning the catch should be awarded to Seahawks' receiver Golden Tate.
"Put any other official who knows the rules and they would make the same call," Easley told the site. "The Packers player [M.D. Jennings] who allegedly intercepted the ball never had singular possession because, "You have to not only have the ball, but have either two feet or a body part on the ground, and that never happened."
Easley told TMZ that no one has seen a play like this before, and doesn't "appreciate the negative stuff."

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