Referees file unfair labor charges against NFL

The Sports Xchange
The SportsXchange

The NFL Referees Association has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board claiming the NFL has engaged in unfair labor practices, the Sports Network reported Thursday.
Negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement broke down earlier this month, and the NFL announced it would begin hiring and training replacement officials.
"It is clear the league never intended to work toward a fair agreement, even through mediation," NFLRA executive director Mike Arnold said in a press release. "As previously noted, the NFL sent out notices regarding the recruitment of replacement referees while we were actively negotiating under the auspicious [sic] of a jointly agreed upon Federal Mediator. Now during a lockout, the NFL is attempting to bypass NFLRA negotiators by distributing inaccurate and misleading financial information to all the referees. We have urged the Board to investigate this matter quickly and to seek appropriate remedies against the NFL's unlawful bargaining practices."

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