Ref fights teen in wild brawl during Czech hockey tournament (Video)

A referee is chased down by a pair of teen hockey players. (Screen grab via YouTube)
A referee is chased down by a pair of teen hockey players. (Screen grab via YouTube)

A referee was forced to fend off a pack of wild teens with his bare fists during a crazy brawl in a minor hockey game in the Czech Republic.

The incident took place at the end of Wednesday’s bronze medal game at the Easter Cup, an annual under-16 tournament, between Belarus’ HC Brest and Slovakia’s Liba Academy 11 Košice.

There are few details on why the game evolved into utter chaos, but based on the video below it begins when a player on Košice, the winning team, takes an unnecessary run at his opponent at the end of the game.

The boys in white didn’t take so kindly to this and went to confront the perpetrator. It looked like everything was under control, but as players began to drift away into smaller groups you could tell things were about to explode. They did seconds later, when No. 95 in white appears to go after the referee in the white helmet.

All hell broke loose after that, with the players exchanging blows and coaches meandering around the carnage not knowing how to diffuse the situation.

Just as things begin to settle down two Brest players make a beeline for the referee, while his buddy just stands there watching, but he manages to wrestle down one of the teens and deliver a few rib shots before players on the opposing team rush in to break it up.

There was a little shoving and some taunting after the that, but the worst was over. Fortunately most players were able to keep their buckets on, so it doesn’t appear anybody was injured too badly in the melee.

Perhaps the strangest moment in all of this was this awkward celebration at the end of the game.

Probably not the best idea to bombard your teammates like that right after you just finished brawling with an entire team and a referee.

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