The Redskins “Ladies Pulpit” Sounds Off About All Things In The District

Leonard Kirby
Josh Norman, CB Washington Redskins
Josh Norman, CB Washington Redskins

I created this Ladies Redskins Pulpit for our lady Redskins fans to have a “pulpit” to express their opinions about the teams organization, team, players, coaches, transactions, games, and events. I get others opinions before I write an article, half are female fans.

Crysti is a loyal, dedicated Washington Redskins fan active on Twitter tweeting about our Redskins.
Crysti, @CrystiCaro used the Lady Redskins Pulpit to address some important issues.

She said, “I am trying to stay positive with all of the front office changes.
As long as we have Kirk for some continuity at QB and the playmakers like him
enough to stretch and make plays, we shouldn’t go backwards too much on offense.
Of course we have beefed up our OL to help and they need to be healthy. And I
would love for us to have another RB star like Riggins that could grind down the
clock and wear down the defense while scoring TD after TD in the Red Zone. But
maybe the game has changed too much for that to happen again.”


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The Ladies Sound Off: Washington fans tell us what they think

“On defense, let’s see if Josh Norman can stay in the game after the doubling down on ejection rules by the NFL. But I don’t want him to change, well much. We need that energy
I’m not up on new defense players or draft possibilities but I hope so much that
we stop the soft defense nonsense that drives me crazy. Watching the other teams
go for and mostly make 4 and 1s time and again means nobody has any respect for our
soft mid field nonsense. Let’s go 3 and out more drives than not on defense. That
would be fun to watch.”

On Facebook, Gina M. Kay was born into a Washington Redskins family and had this to say on Lady Redskins Pulpit.
“I live in Texas so lots of Dallas Cowboy fans to mess with. Nothing makes me madder than for us to lose to the Cowboys, and last season we should have won both games, especially when Kirk Cousins went like 450 yards passing, 3 touchdowns-no interceptions but our defense let us down, again. So, lets have a great Draft and draft sum real D players. Hated to see Scot go, but thats water under the bridge. I hope our quarterback gets his deal and that gets settled once and for all.”

Thank you ladies. The NFL Draft has some good defensive players in it and our Redskins will surely draft a few defensive players.


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